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Top 5 Reasons A Cruise Is A Great Venue For A Family/Friends Gathering

 Are you planning a family and friends gathering and looking for a great venue?  For purposes of this discussion we’ll define “gathering” as four couples looking for a unique vacation experience. I’m not neglecting family groups as that’s the subject of another article. Here are the top five reasons you should consider an ocean cruise on at least a mid-sized vessel.

5. You have a very high probability that all of your participants will enjoy themselves.There’s a 95% satisfaction rate with a cruise according to surveys done by the Cruise Lines International Association. The reason behind this high rate will be evident in the next four items.

4. There’s always some activity going on that will appeal to everyone–both while at sea and in port.. For example, you might be going on an excursion to Mayan ruins with your brother-in-law that his wife (and yours) has absolutely no interest in. The reverse is probably true for a shopping trip. On a sea day, part of your group can be a wine-tasting class, while another is playing bridge, getting a massage, working out, or just relaxing with a good book.

3. You will be entertained.  Where else can you go out for a nice show just by taking a short walk from your room every night while on vacation? There are multiple lounges on board to cater to multiple dancing tastes too. Maybe one or two couples like salsa while others go for smooth jazz or the piano bar-or even karaoke. You can all go your separate ways and meet up later at the casino–or not!

2. You will eat well.  Now I don’t mean you can pig out. You are more likely to try different dishes on a cruise that you would not order in a restaurant. Why? Because there’s no risk. You know that if you don’t like something you can always ask for something else…and you’ll get it.  Try that in a restaurant. One time I couldn’t decide between two appetizer choices, so the waiter brought me both. I did share them, by the way. It’s not uncommon for a waiter to do that with an entree or dessert also.

1. Happy wife…happy life. When you really listen to the women in your family, they will tell you that the only time they can relax from food shopping, meal preparation, laundry and housework chores completely is on a cruise. With a gathering, even finding a restaurant to accommodate everyone can be difficult. Otherwise, for the home-maker, it’s the same old stuff–just a different location! Answer this question and the decision to take a cruise will be easy: Who deserves the vacation the most in your family? When you pick a cruise for that extended family gathering, the Moms in the family will appreciate it the most as they finally will have the time to do their own thing, too.

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