Discover how you can save big $ on your family gathering with cruise line allowances and amenities.

Congratulate yourself for finding this page! You are about to save your family hundreds of dollars on the cost of your family gathering!

Many families are discovering that a cruise makes a great venue for a multi-generational family get together/reunion. Groups spanning three, four and even five generations are seen having fun on every cruise.

Why so, you may ask? Simply put: on the right ship a cruise allows every one the flexibility to do their own thing, yet still have the the time to get together as a family for certain activities and meals.

When you really listen to the women in your family, they will tell you that the only time they can relax from food shopping, meal preparation, laundry and housework chores completely is on a cruise. With a large group, even finding a restaurant to accommodate everyone can be difficult. Otherwise, for the home-maker, it’s the same old stuff–just a different location!

Answer this question and the decision to take a cruise will be easy: Who deserves the vacation the most in your family?

When you pick a cruise for that extended family gathering, the Moms in the family will appreciate it the most as they finally will have the time to do their own thing, too.

Not all cruise lines and travel agencies can acommodate this type of business.  And some do it much better than others.

In fact, if you’ve started planning a family get together you may have already developed a severe case of information overload.

Do NOT try this at home alone; seek professional help at once!

Over 87% of people use a travel consultant to book a cruise for themselves; and no one books a group cruise without professional help.

Group Cruises Unlimited is a unique agency.  We only do one thing: group cruises.  It doesn’t matter how large or small your group is, we want to earn your business…and  you’re going to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your group.

We designed this site so that you can discover how group cruising actually works–without getting any hype.  You’ll want to check out the Welcome post and the Group Cruising menu item.  We know where to look to find you the best cruise fit for your family that will maximize the benefits you can receive from the cruise lines.

And if your gathering isn’t large enough to earn group benefits, chances are great that we can plug you into another group booking on the same sailing where you can still receive amenities such as $25 to $100 in on-board credits.

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