Before discussing how to actually start a group let’s look at this from the cruise line’s perspective.  Their goal with groups is to help sell out the cruise– not to get your group a good deal.  Because of supply and demand factors cruise prices, promotions, and availability change constantly.

So if the sailing is selling well the cruise line may not even allow your affinity group, or may wait list it. And they may change the value of the amenities They’re offering based on how well the cruise is selling.

The industry standard cabin minimum to establish a group is 8 full-fare cabins. When you book 8 cabins all the rewards begin and you can get all types of amenities from the cruise line. Please note that some cruise lines may start their amenities with a lower number of cabins than the usual 8. If you miss the mark; you may not receive your amenities. Again, this policy will vary by cruise line.

Here are some of the typical amenities that may be offered for the ship and sailing you choose:

  • Champagne or Wine
  • Fruit Plate
  • Wine and Cheese
  • Cocktail Party (shared or private)
  • Onboard Credits
  • Photo Coupon
  • Group Photo
  • Cruise line tote bag
  • High Rollers Package
  • Premium Dining Experience

Other benefits you may receive are:

  • Cabin Category Upgrades
  • Marketing Funds to split among each cabin
  • Fund Raiser Program

Let’s say you’re putting together an affinity group for your club.  You discuss the idea with them and the head count looks like you can get 8 cabins.  After focusing in on the details with your people you send Group Cruises Unlimited a Group Information Request Form. We’ll work with the Group Dept. at the cruise lines to find you the best deal. We’ll present all the options to you and provide you a written quote. When you give us to go ahead we will create an affininty group for the sailing you select.

You promote the cruise to your affinity group. Of course, we’ll provide you with custom flyers and other promotional materials such as this web site .  If you don’t get the signups you need–usually a minimum of 8 cabins, then you can promote the group to others, such as friends and family.  The cruise line could care less if everyone in the groups knows each other.

Now here is where the you can really benefit from working with us.  If you’ve reserved 16 cabins, for example, and book less, Group Cruises  Unlimited and our fulfillment agency–Cruises and Tours  Unlimited–get to work to help book those cabins.  We have access to hundreds of agents who are always looking for a deal for their clients, like getting the ammenities and discounts your group are going to receive.  And people searching online can find your reserved cabins too–only they won’t have any idea it’s your group.

If  you have a group of less than 8 cabins, fill out the Group Information Request Form anyway.  We may be able to establish an 8-cabin group, accomodate your party, and get a few bookings to round out your group for you.  If you don’t book the minimum number of cabins your reservations may just revert to individual bookings. With some cruise lines you may be able to keep your group perks with a fewer number of cabins.

Have questions before you submit the form? Contact Us.