Want to make some easy money referring your family and friends to our cruise agency?

Here’s how it works.  You sign up for free using the form below.  You receive your personal “referral code.” When the people you refer book a cruise with Group Cruises Unlimited and sail you get paid a finder’s fee. It’s that simple.

In essence, you would become an Independent Contractor to Group Cruises Unlimited–a cruise agency specializing in group travel. You are not an employee and we pay none of your expenses. You get paid a Finder’s Fee for referring people to our agency to book cruises. Your referrals may also buy travel insurance, book excursions or book pre-and post cruise travel with our agency.

The cruise agency gets paid by the cruise line after the travel is completed. After we receive our commission you receive your Finder’s Fee.

We pay you on a per cabin basis for the total cruise fare only.

Here’s an example.  A couple you know well are avid cruisers.  They travel with various friends and family, either with a small or large group. If the couple and their friends book with our agency you will receive a finders fee for each cabin in the entire group that books with your referral code.

What’s your fee? That depends on the value of the booking for each cabin. The prices vary widely for inside, ocean view, balcony/veranda, suite etc. For cabins booked at $500-$1,500 the fee is $50. With a  value between $1,501 and $3,000 your fee is $75.  For cabins over $3,001 you get $100.

Bear in mind that cruises are booked months, sometimes a year  in advance.

If you personally book one of the cabins in the group, you still get the commission, providing you are not receiving your cruise fare for free with a Tour Conductor credit.

If you’re interested in becoming a referral agent or have questions, fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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