Here’s an easy way for you to promote yourself as a Group Cruises Unlimited Referral Agent.  Simply send people to your personal eBook download page similar to this:
There your referralls be able to subscribe to the Group Cruise News and download a copy of the ebook branded with your information. And their subscription information will have your Referral Agent Number permanently associated with it.
When your referrals book a cruise they’ll have your Referral Agent Number handy from the ebook and we’ll be able to cross check it so that you’ll get the credit for the sale.
The Group Cruises News will be sent to them over a period of months, so they’ll have other good information to read about cruising…all thanks to you.
So here’s what to do next:
1. Go to and sign up for the newsletter and download the free ebook Vacation Cruising.  Be sure and check out the sales page for the ebook (with the ordering links disabled).
2. Read the ebook and note that it will be rebranded to be “presented” by you and your name and Referral Agent Number will be in the footer. Look for the ebook Cover Page, Forward and the pages with a footer; and note the areas highlighted in light blue.
3. Sign up to become a Referral Agent . If you would like to participate in the eBook Giveaway Program and get your own personal ebook download page, indicate so in the Comments section of the form.
4. Check out your subscription page link sent via email by me.
5. Start promoting your subscription page.
6. Receive your Finder’s Fee after your referrals sail.