Many people, particularly those who consider themselves Internet savvy, think that they can find just as good a “deal” on a cruise than if they used a travel agent to assist them. What may look like a good price may actually result in a stateroom with one of these views…if you don’t read all the fine print carefully.

Why using a Travel Agent may actually get a better price than you can find on the Internet.

 The cruise lines will only let agencies and discount Internet sites post published prices. There a hundreds of deals that are not published online that a travel agent has access to that you don’t. Here’s one example.

We are an affiliate of Cruises and Tours Unlimited–a nation-wide host agency with hundreds of agents.  Besides our agency, many of these agents establish their own affinity groups for cruises they are booking for eight  or more cabins.  They get special pricing and amenities for that group that is not published anywhere. We at Group Cruises Unlimited have access to this information on a real-time basis and can pass on to you these very favorable prices and amenities such a Onboard Cedits.

Cruises and Tours Unlimited also establishes their own promotional groups for many popular cruises.  These are different from affinity groups in that they weren’t created for a group with like interests such as a family or school reunion. These types of groups are often published on Cruises and Tours Unlimited affiliate agent web sites, but many times these groups sell out and the information is removed from these web sites.  Then a cancellation happens.  The cruise is not re-published on the web sites, but the booking is available to affiliated agents to give to you.

There a many other reasons besides price that you want to use a travel agent for when you are booking your cruise vacation, whether it be for a single cabin or a group. I’m sure you can find a lot of informtion if you Google this subject.

Here’s a recent article by travel reporter Christopher Elliott on entitled:
Stay off the computer–7 trips you should never book online. The first type of trip Mr. Elliott advises you don’t book is a cruise.  He states in part:

Don’t use a travel agent. 4 trips you should always book yourself.

Travel agents remain your best bet for a floating vacation. Why? Two main reasons: First, cruise lines give travel agencies access to special deals that you probably won’t find anywhere else. And second, because a cruise can get complicated. There are airline tickets that have to be bought, hotel rooms to be booked, shore excursions and lots of options on the ship.

So save yourself some time and money and Contact Us.

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